Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Really People....really....?

Cruising down the aisle at my local store that has a supply of both home and food items...I decided it's been a while since I've last bought a book and decided to see what is out there. With the huge hype up of all the erotica novels as of late I was hoping it has calmed down a bit and actual fiction is being published and sold now....oh boy was I wrong. 

I swear the entire "adult" fiction area was nothing BUT erotica novels. Now, don't get me wrong, I do love a good juicy story here and there but GOOD is they key word. I wasn't quick enough to take my camera...err phone...err...all in one device that some call a smart phone...to take a picture but it was filled with more erotica than actual fiction novels. I think it's a sad day in my life when I have to go to the "non-fiction" area to find a decent book (sorry non-fiction fans unless it's a cookbook and a damn good cook book I rarely ever seek you out so no angry hate mail on that subject) 

While I'm on pretty much any book-related website/blog out there, since well I'm a huge freaking nerd as you may have guessed, I've noticed a trend and let me see if you have noticed it also. All the printed books that you find in the store (minus YES a few jewels here and there - gosh no need to yell at your computer screen - I get it) are generally mass-produced pieces of well crap. However, if you take the time to cruise Amazon or Audible or any other wonderful e-book website realtor, you'll find that the GOOD books or the ones that SHOULD be published never published. So when I find an awesome book for 99 cents instead of $20 worth of a fire starter it makes me wonder if with the Twlight series we are just mass producing crap and keeping the real novels out of people's viewing so they have to hunt for deals. Or maybe it's like American Gladiator where they purposely do that to see who is the "strongest" to seek out and find the good books and who just grabs whatever the NY Times or Oprah tell you to read.