Meet Made in the 80's Diabetic

I'm the poster child for a lot of things that are wrong in the world. I'm pretty sure if you spent 5 minutes with me either you'd be clawing at the doors or windows to get away from me or so fascinated with me you agree with half the weird stuff that comes out of me. I do  have a strange thought process at times...all the time. 

I'm pretty sure that Eric Kripke is secretly stalking my life and making it into his TV shows. A little credit would be nice...THANKS ERIC! Thanks for changing the now deceased Focus to an Impala...much cooler than a granny mobile by far! Genius! 

I was going to make a food blog here like the oh so many that I stalk...err...research...on a daily basis to get ideas for dinner or world domination...but figured I can't take pictures worth a crap...there is always a finger, photobomb, a sea monster or it's out of focus. So it'd be hard to sell a good blog with pictures a toddler could do better. So I figured like my super hero and probably twin separated at birth (different years apart in different parts of the US that don't look anything get the idea) I'd go on about my weirdness so other people can appreciate their normal, functional, every day lives and laugh at how ridiculous mine are. 

I do enjoy comments, questions, weird fascinations/hobbies, and anything else you happen to come across. E-mail with all of the above. Unless you are Eric Kripke trying to sue me....then it's the OTHER Made in the 80's Diabetic out there........yeah...that one! 

So since this is a social media "usage" conflict of interest I'm not allowed to use actual names and places and I'm suppose to express that all opinions are my own and none of those places that I-9 consider me as employed. 

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