Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The age old question will never be answered.....

This is why I would never survive out in the country story.

I was out driving last night looking at houses in the back woods of rural Wisconsin and a woodchuck decided to merrily wander in the street. It made it to the middle of the road then took a suicidal leap at my car and was crushed. I'm pretty sure there is still bits and pieces of him lodged in my wheel well. 

SO…we will never know how much a woodchuck could chuck because the woodchuck is now dead. My car is now no longer the PPE anymore it’s the PAPE…Purple Animal People Eater. I didn't know my car could be so brutal or woodchucks could be suicidal.

I think I was laughing for a good hour before the "oh man I just killed an animal...wait...it killed it's self and I just had a helpful part in it" sunk in. Then I felt sad....then laughed harder because all I could think of was the Geico commercial. 

So beware of suicidal woodchucks. They are everywhere!!! 

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